Stand Up Desk Solution

Numerous people have been combining 2 of IKEA’s LACK side tables to arrive at a stand up desk retrofit for one’s regular office desk. I looked at some of the other options in the LACK table line, and found there was a coffee table L 35 3/8″ x W 21 5/8″ x H 17 3/4″ that includes a lower shelf:

This seemed like a good match for my corner-style cubicle desk, and I liked the fact I could modify and repurpose the lower shelf to become my keyboard and mouse tray. I used all of the parts that came with the coffee table together with some 3/4″ x 1 1/2″ poplar to provide 2 cantilever braces and 2 cross braces (not visible, hidden beneath shelf). I needed a few 1 5/8″ and 1 1/4″ construction screws, and I also trimmed the width of the lower shelf on the table saw so that it would fit between the legs as shown in the picture. The LACK coffee table is currently $19.99 plus shipping from IKEA, and the poplar or an alternative cross brace stock can also be pretty inexpensive at your local home improvement store. The result is an affordable and well-appointed standing desk solution.

standing desk

Here are links to other blogs where people have done IKEA retrofits:


3 thoughts on “Stand Up Desk Solution

  1. David L. Williams

    Is your shelf fixed or on rollers to go back under? I looked at the other hacks using end tables and also thought the coffee table would be a cleaner set up taphan 2 end tables. My only question is whether the top will flex from weight of laptop and monitor due to lack of center legs on two end tables. Have you noticed any issues with that?

    1. kabestul Post author

      The shelf is fixed. Regarding the question of flexing, I’ve seen no problem with that. The coffee table top, though light, is quite strong. I don’t know what kind of load rating it might have, but bearing the laptop and monitor weight is no problem for it. I’ve been using this setup daily for quite a while now, and it’s worked out great. Thanks

      1. David L. Williams

        Thanks. Great job. Are the hidden cross pieces under the tabletop or somewhere else? I just received my table (black/brown) and trying to decide whether to use your cantilevered method or the shelf/bracket used by others.

        I also use an Ipad along with laptop and monitor so I need to figure out some space for it as well. My keyboard is oversized ergonomic so may not fit along with mouse and keyboard.

        BTW, coffee table is now $39.99 so you got a great deal.

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